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Andra commented on 03.01.20: No need to look any further. Swiss rapeseed and the Lyneline product range cover all needs. I love it!

E. commented on 13.01.20: The deodorant is great! Having tried many deos without aluminium or other toxic products, it's the only one that really works! My mom is delighted with the shampoo!

Lyneline lip balm contains lavender in a very oily formula without synthetic oils for the damaged lips.

Elena commented on 12.12.19: Thanks again for the soaps. I am really pleased. And Alba takes care of her hands 3x a day now :)

Answer from Lyneline: Yes, the repairing cream is very soothing for sensitive skin, also for children's skin.


Andrea commented on 03.01.20: I love it! The fragrances are very pleasant and after one day my chapped lips were healed again. I highly recommend it!

Lyneline deodorant contains a minimum of ingredients. It is very efficient thanks to essential oils and bicarbonate.

Elena commented on 01.05.2019: super efficient. I would say as good as an industrial deodorant with aluminium. Smell a little too strong lemongrass. Super texture to apply with the fingers.

Answer from Lyneline: we are developing a deodorant without essential oils for those who don't like this smell.

Lyneline soaps are made by cold saponification, which preserves all the virtues of the oils we use.

Jean-Gab commented on 05.01.20: your products have delighted those to whom I offered them. They asked me where you manufacture them.

Answer from Lyneline: all our products are manufactured in our laboratories in Nyon.

Lyneline repairing ointment contains chamomile and lavender. These two plants as well as our oily formula help to relieve minor skin problems.

Dennis commented on 16.12.19: I only use this cream now, and my skin problems have disappeared. I no longer have eczema on my hands, even though I had it for years!

Adeline commented on 12.11.19: I mainly use this ointment after climbing. It really relieves irritation.

Mélissa commented 18.10.19: I always have the ointment in my pocket when I go skiing, I use it on my face, lips and hands. It smells very good and it is very concentrated.


Soap Shampoo or liquid soap Le moussaillon are very effective, especially when used with Le soyeux conditioner. 

Melba commented on 18.01.20: The shampoo gives more hold and shine to my very thin hair. The effect becomes really strong after using it 3 or 4 times. Then it is stable.