We only use truly natural ingredients. You don't have to be an expert in chemistry to understand what our products contain. So if you want to know more about their properties and why we have selected them, here is a short guide written by pharmacists and phytotherapists.

Essential oils

What are essential oils ?

Essential oils (from the Latin essentia, "nature of things") are plant extracts in liquid form, obtained by distillation. This produces The essential oils of lavender, lemongrass, eucalyptus and thyme subtly combined confer their fragrant powers to us.


Rapeseed oil

Why rapeseed oil?

The question should rather be "why use coconut or argan oil when rapeseed is flourishing all over Switzerland? ». Rich in omega-3 and omega-6, rapeseed contains particularly few saturated fatty acids. Local, and by definition more sustainable, it has nothing to envy to the oils produced on the other side of the world.


Olive oil

Why olive oil?

Produced in our European neighbours, olive oil has as many virtues as its exotic equivalents. Your skin will stay hydrated.


Soda ash

What is soda ash?

Soda is the alkaline agent that transforms oil into soap. Historically, it was obtained by collecting ashes from the combustion of plants, or from the bottoms of certain lakes. Today, it is mainly produced from seawater.