A family story,

Lyneline is a company born from a collaboration between the members of our family in the heart of the canton of Vaud. From our love for nature stems a great interest in products respectful of health and the environment. These convictions and our spirit of innovation have enabled us to realise a family project by uniting our skills. We have created high quality products whose distribution requires no intermediaries and whose environmental impact is minimal. In addition, our cosmetic products do not contain any ingredients that are harmful to the body or the environment. Evelyne, Doctor of Pharmacy and SSPM phytotherapist, is responsible for the formulation and production. Bertrand is a physicist and develops the tailor-made production equipment necessary to manufacture our products. Ambroise is an engineer and is responsible for the development and maintenance of the direct sales platform and inventory management. Marceline, who has a degree in geoscience, manages the marketing as well as the control of the origin of the different ingredients to ensure quality and durability. Antoine, a biology student, inspires us with his imagination and passion for plants and their properties. All together, we offer you these products from their conceptualization to their manufacture, right up to your mailbox.