Soap Le Nature 100% natural organic Swiss made

Soap "Le Nature"

without essential oils, for sensitive skins.

This 100% organic olive oil soap does not contain any essential oil, for sensitive skin.

Our products are truly natural and ORGANIC, with essential oils, made in Nyon by Dr Evelyne Vuaridel, pharmacist and phytotherapist FPH. They contain a minimum of ingredients and no undesirable products. The raw materials are European. The packaging is reduced to a strict minimum and refillable to respect the environment.


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USE: for daily use, for body and face. Lyneline soaps come from cold saponification and are suitable for all skin types thanks to the glycerin and vitamin E naturally present in rapeseed and olive oil.


PACKAGING: our soaps are available in individual packaging or in packs of 4.


INGREDIENTS: saponified olive oil*, water.


INCI: sodium olivate (from olive oil)

INCI: sodium olivate (from olive oil)

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